“This is just the beginning (2020)… the red inverted pyramid will become the new symbol of hope, determination and belonging to all things that are deserving of people (regardless of gender, race, creed, religion and/or sexual orientation). Wearing our clothing & apparel represents a re-imagined experience of courage, resilience and power. Power that I believe women and people from all around the world has had to enact in order to overcome destitute and difficult circumstances.

Now your clothing & apparel says it all (battle tested war ready). We plan to take this opportunity of having you come with us on a mission to not just be inspired by uplifting yourself… there are other people just like you in the communities in which you live that must be inspired… that must know that we care and thus, we will be active participants of uplifting the communities that we represent – that you represent. We are Battle Tested War Ready!

Thank you for believing in our product, concepts and movement.”

Clarence E. Newton III, CEO